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What is Sale?

A sale is an act of selling goods and services, usually with an aim of gaining profit. Sales mostly involve sales agents.

For example, in the sale of a house, the sales representative provides the customer with the full details pertaining the house, and the benefits it possesses as opposed to other houses. 


What is Service?

A service is a support provided to a customer, after buying goods or services. A service can, however, take place before or while the sale is ongoing, so as to increase customer satisfaction. It aims at preventing customer challenges with a product, guiding implementation, assisting in upsells, creating a bond with the product, and basically answering detailed questions.

For instance, when a person buys a mobile phone, the customer service representatives provides a guarantee to ensure the mobile phone has no defects when being used up to a certain period of time. If any defects were noted within the course of the period, then they would replace the phone with a non-defective one.

Sales vs Service

The difference between sales and service is that sales involve various activities that are carried out by agents working for a business, with the purpose of selling a product or good, whereas, service aims at helping or supporting a customer throughout the process of buying a product, in order to fulfill their needs and maximize their satisfaction.

Comparison Table Between Sales and Service

Parameters of Comparison Sales Service
Meaning Sales involve various activities carried out with the aim of selling a product or good by specialists in an organization. Service is the support provided to a customer throughout the process of inquiring about or buying a product or good.
Objective The objective of a sale is to gain profit. The objective of a service is to fulfill a customer’s needs and increase customer satisfaction.
Goal Salespersons have specific goals regarding the number of sales that need to be generated in a specific time period. There are no such targets that need to be achieved by people working in service.
Transaction The transaction between the customer and salesperson is monetary. The transaction between a service agent and a customer is generally non-monetary.
Customer Salespersons are commonly responsible for generating new leads by reaching out to new people. Service revolves around serving customers or business partners who are already in contact with the organization.

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