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Here, at last, is an accounting software designed for the modern business. Completely web-based to help setup online systems across branches. Sundramsolutions Accounting is the finest software available today for businesses of all kinds. It offers the best in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality.

Sundramsolutions Accounting sets new standards in financial accounting as it helps you go beyond vanilla accounting and do much more. Broadly:

  • Completely web-based, helps you setup web-based, online system across your branches, warehouses, factories, etc. And allows you to connect to your accounts from anywhere - your home, while travelling ...
  • Comprehensive: financial accounting, inventory, sales, purchases, accounts receivable and payable, budgeting, production, all taxes etc.
  • Go beyond accounting - integrated payroll, fixed assets and other functions

    Completely web-based

    Sundramsolutions products are completely web-based. They have been designed to work smoothly and optinally on the Web.

    You may install the software on any computer or server in your office or on a web server, depending on your needs, and connect to the system from anywhere using just Internet Explorer.

    Now you can access your systems from anywhere - a remote office, your home, from a hotel room, or from your car on the go, so long as you are connected on the internet.

    Being web-based, Sundramsolutions helps you:

    • Setup a completely web-based online systems to manage all remote branches and other locations on a single, online system
    • Have a centralized database at one place
    • Automatic consolidation of data
    • Tight security to give users detailed rights, privileges to access specific parts of the software
    • Branch or location wise data segregation

    Online systems can be setup for any of the functions which Sundramsolutions covers including accounting, payroll, fixed assets, retail, auto dealerships etc.

    With Sundramsolutions, small and medium businesses can, for the first time, set up true online systems at low costs.

    Online systems

    Online systems offer great value to users:

    • Automatic consolidation of data from across all remote branches and locations. There is no need any more to manually copy and consolidate data from branches
    • Automatic company-wide reports and analysis
    • Software and systems to be managed and implemented only at central server - very huge reduction in maintenance costs and efforts
    • No management of systems or database at remote locations - either for operations or for synchronization

    Usually, Sundramsolutions works fine with normal broadband systems and does not usually require leased lines.

    Performance optimised

    Sundramsolutions products are optimised to work efficiently on the web, even for large volumes of data and a large number of users.

    Offline Systems

    Where an online system is either not feasible or desired, Sundramsolutions helps setup a system where operations are done locally on local systems and synchronised with the central server periodically.

    This is often desirable where either connectivity is not available or extremely fast local operations, like billing, are desired. For example a departmental stores would find an offline system more preferable than online systems.

    Local Network

    While Sundramsolutions products are web-based, they also work equally well on local networks.



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